Routine Maintenance and Safety Inspections

Life is full of uncertainty. Electrical systems and the safety of your home shouldn’t be on that list. It might be an electrical problem that recently surfaced, or just time to have everything tested, but every now and then, routine maintenance and safety inspections are required. Regular maintenance keeps the home and office safe, it helps to prevent any accidental injuries or deaths, and it saves money by preventing costly repairs and replacements.

In the Home

Repairing a crack in the plaster or a chip in the floorboards is easy because both problems are visible and obvious. Electrical systems are neither visible nor obvious when a problem arises. That’s why it’s important to have routine inspection conducted on your entire electrical network.


Ontime Local Electrician offers a complete inspection of the home to ensure that the lighting, wiring, and all other electrical components are operating safely. Having one of these routine maintenance calls performed could save thousands of dollars and the lives of the inhabitants of your home.

Ontime Local Electrician will review the lights and power points, test the performance of the smoke detectors, inspect and test the switchboard and fuses and evaluate the wiring of the home. These visual inspections by a trained and qualified professional can alert the home owner to any potential threats that aren’t immediately obvious to the untrained eye.

Dealing with these faults early on will negate any risk to the safety of your home’s inhabitants and the expensive repair costs of an electrical fault that has been left to stagnate.

In the Office

The office environment is just as prone to electrical faults as the residential. In the former case, routine electrical maintenance and safety inspections ensure the business can operate at its maximum potential.

Any electrical fault is dangerous and poses severe risk to the lives of the staff in an office environment. Even small faults pose deadly risks. Businesses should get tagged and tested every 6 months to ensure all their equipment is operating safely in accordance with the regulations laid out by the NSW Government.

Testing is also a preventative measure to avoid downtime. Even the smallest fault in the wiring or cabling could cause a loss of data or electricity to the premises. That down time is more than an inconvenience in the office; it’s a loss of income. Get a regular safety inspection so that there are no unwanted dangers in the electrical systems of the business.

Ontime Local Electrician operates in Sydney as a licensed and respected electrical service. Their work always comes with a $0 call-out fee so there is no risk involved. Find out why businesses like Harvey Norman, Western Union, and the Australia Post have used Ontime Local Electrician by calling today. You can call on 1300 215 728 to book a technician or contact online to get a response within 5 minutes. We even offer a 24 hour emergency service.

Contact us today to get your routine maintenance and safety inspection done on your electrical services. Prevention of danger is worth every cent.


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