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Mosman, on the harbour of Sydney’s lower North Shore, was named after Archibald and George Mosman, who lived on a 4 acre plot in the area from 1831. It is a suburb and also a local government operations centre for the surrounding suburbs including Balmoral, Beauty Point, Clifton Gardens, Georges Heights, Spit Junction and The Spit. Prior to European colonisation, the area was home to the Borogegal, Cammeraiagal and Wallumedegal people.

The suburb also houses Taronga Zoo, which is Sydney’s popular animal enclosure and education hub. The zoo officially opened in 1916, and now houses over 4000 species. ‘Taronga’ translates from an indigenous language as ‘beautiful view’.

Experienced local electricians in Mosman NSW

Our Mosman electricians here at Local Ontime Electrician do all kinds of electrical repairs and installations at an affordable price. You can call us now on 02 9709 4744 if you need a fast and professional electrical service.

We offer complete electrical services including:

  • Wiring and outlets repair.
  • Rewiring or replacing all outlets.
  • Installing new outlets and wiring for home additions and renovations.
  • Switchboard upgrade and electrical safety installation.
  • Safety inspection for compliance and reliability.
  • Installation of complete electrical wiring for new homes and offices.
  • Switchboard upgrades for higher amperage.
  • Installing exhaust fans for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Telephone cabling and networking.
  • Installing new lighting and the necessary wiring.
  • Replacing busted lights.
  • Installing new appliances and add dedicated outlets and wiring.

Our highly qualified electricians, with hundreds of hours of experience under their belt, focus on professionalism, courtesy and safety. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service from the moment you call (phone us today at 02 9709 4744).

Local electrician Mosman 24/7

We always have a team of expert electricians ready for deployment no matter what time of day you call. Our emergency electricians will arrive on your site rapidly and take care of all the necessary repairs.

Our local electricians have already serviced the following:

  • Homes.
  • Home offices.
  • Townhouses.
  • Apartment buildings.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Business offices.
  • Schools and churches.
  • Entertainment and recreation centres.
  • Spas and massage centres.
  • Retail shops.
  • Groceries and supermarkets.
  • Other commercial facilities.

Over the years Sydney clients have called us whenever they have a busted light, an exposed wire or a need for an electrical safety inspection. We have also performed all kinds of electrical upgrades, installs, repairs and replacements.

We’ve installed new electrical networks and outlets at homes across Sydney and its surrounds. Whether it’s a new home or a renovation, we’ve successfully installed new electrical fixtures on-time and to budget. We’ve added the necessary wires and outlets for the kitchen and bathroom and installed just about every appliance you can imagine.

For offices and other commercial facilities we’ve also handled dozens of electrical jobs including the following:

  • Strategic placement of lighting, wiring and outlets for optimal business operations.
  • Troubleshoot faulty wiring and electrical connections (e.g. AC doesn’t turn on, lights flicker when turning on heaters).
  • Inspect switchboards, power points, outlets, wires and smoke alarms.
  • Electrical inspection for safety (prevent fire hazards).
  • Routine inspection for reliability (continuously service your customers 24/7).
  • Repair all electrical fixtures that pose a threat to your business and customers.

We also install telephone cabling and networking because we understand that a reliable telephone system is the lifeblood of most businesses. That’s why we ensure reliability when we’re installing telephones and the required connections.

Install appliances and electrical wiring

We install appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, water heaters, dryers and ovens. These appliances have high energy demands which can place a large electrical burden on your electrical system.

Our licensed electricians can also install dedicated outlets and wiring for your heavy-duty appliances. We perform advanced troubleshooting to ensure everything’s working optimally and according to the latest safety codes.

We anticipate your business’ peak electrical usage to ensure reliability is present in your electrical network at all times.

Lighting installations Mosman

Installing new lights also requires significant expertise and safety training because lighting has now evolved from uniform globes to dozens of variants. Which type of lighting is best for your garden? Do you want to create a unique ambience in your kitchen or bedroom?

Here at Ontime Local Electrician we install new lighting and its required receptacles and wiring to achieve a unique ambience for your home or work space. We also recommend appropriate lighting to maximise the ambient effect and energy efficiency.

Whether it’s for the garden or for the kitchen, we install lighting with a focus on professionalism and courtesy.

We also install new lighting (or replace busted lights) in the following areas:

  • Porches.
  • Home offices and study rooms.
  • Laundry rooms.
  • Decks.
  • Outdoor kitchens.
  • Basements.
  • Living rooms.
  • Entertainment rooms.

We use the appropriate ladders and safety tools to avoid falls and injuries. Installing or replacing a light requires working on an elevated area. Stay safe and let our Mosman electricians handle the work for you.

Exhaust fan installation

We install exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms. We also set up ceiling and wall-mounted fans. We even take care of the strategic placement of exhaust fans (including the electrical wiring) for optimal air circulation and ventilation.

We also do the following related to exhaust fan installation:

  • Safe placement of wires and outlets (especially in bathrooms).
  • Ensuring installation integrity for ceiling mounted fans (ensure it’s safe and won’t fall off).
  • Neat installation so there will be minimal wires and electrical fixtures visible.

Electrician Mosman 24/7

We do all kinds of electrical work: installations, upgrades and repairs for commercial facilities and residences. Our experienced electricians use only the highest-quality tools and components for ultimate safety and reliability.

Many customers in Mosman choose our emergency electricians because of the following:

  • Our commitment to excellence.
  • On time and professional electrical service.
  • Excellent customer service before, during and after the job.
  • Affordable and transparent pricing.

Over the years we’ve built a strong client base as a result of our hard work. That’s why many established commercial facilities call us as a preferred supplier whenever they need an electrical job done in an emergency or otherwise.

Many Sydney homeowners and families call us here at Ontime Local Electrician too; no matter how large or small the job and no matter what time or day. Whether it’s a new home electrical installation or a minor repair, they call us if they require a professional and courteous service.

Call us today here at 02 9709 4744 if you require a rapid and professional service. Whether it’s a scheduled appointment or emergency call out, we’ll arrive rapidly at your site and repair any electrical issue right away.


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