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Lane Cove electricians

Our Lane Cove electrician here at Local Ontime Electrician performs rapid electrical repairs and installations for all residential homes and commercial properties. Our emergency electricians offer affordable and transparent pricing (call us today at 02 9709 4744).

Our highly qualified electricians have already serviced the following:

  • Homes.
  • Townhouses and apartments.
  • Home offices and study rooms.
  • Business offices.
  • Schools.
  • Retail shops.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Medical and dental clinics.
  • Recreational facilities.

Over the years many Sydney homeowners and businesses have relied on us as a preferred supplier whenever they need electrical work done. We prioritise safety, affordability and professionalism in every assignment we handle.

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Residential & commercial electrical services

We perform all types of electrical work, including installation, repair, replacement, maintenance and upgrade including the following:

  • Repair exposed wires and troubleshoot faulty wiring.
  • Rewire old homes and apartment buildings.
  • Add more outlets and wirings to better accommodate your lifestyle or business operations.
  • Upgrade switchboard to better meet your energy demands.
  • Install new outlets and wires after or during home additions and renovations.
  • Install indoor and outdoor lights (whether for your kitchen, bathroom or garden).
  • Full electrical installation for new homes and buildings.

At Ontime Local Electrician, we offer transparent pricing and guarantee there will be no surprises after the job’s finished. We’re able to offer an affordable price because of our efficient turnaround time. Our primary goal is for you to get the best value for your money.

We also provide written quotes and guarantees so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We guarantee our work because we’re confident about the high-quality results we produce. It’s our way of giving you peace of mind and ensuring we display quality in everything we do.

Aside from upfront pricing and professional services, our residential and commercial electricians are also known for the following:

  • Rapid service (whether an emergency job or emergency call out).
  • Efficient service (experienced electricians who always know what they’re doing).
  • Highest-quality tools, components and installations (you won’t face the same electrical issue anytime soon).
  • Excellent customer service (overall it’s a smooth process for you).

Appliance installation services

Aside from the traditional electrical repairs and installations, we also set up appliances and add the necessary outlets and wiring. After all, appliances such as:

  • Freezers.
  • Refrigerators.
  • Wall ovens.
  • Dryers.
  • Water heaters.

can put a huge electrical burden to your electrical system. Improper installation may result in overloading and appliance failure, or worse: fire hazards. Don’t let extension cords and shoddy work introduce danger to you and your property.

Our electrical technicians also install appliances with high energy demands. We add dedicated outlets and wiring for each appliance, inspect your present electrical network and upgrade if necessary. This way you prevent overloading and possible fire hazards.

Safety is especially important in the food industry where heavy reliance on refrigerators and ovens can result in electrical hazards. Even a temporary overloading and shutdown could result to loss of customers alongside spoiled stock. Spoilage of meat and other ingredients is also likely to happen in the event of electrical failure.

Contact us today if you want to avoid that scenario. We’ll ensure that your whole electrical network, from switchboard to the outlets, will work reliably even during the peak hours of your business.

Safe exhaust fan setup

We install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens to improve ventilation and air circulation. We also set up wall-and-ceiling-mounted fans integrously and safely.

Exhaust fan installations also require significant electrical expertise. Exhaust fans will continuously promote air circulation when you turn them on. Installing one is one small but guaranteed step to reduce the risks of mould growth and respiratory problems in the home or work space.

We also secure ceiling-mounted fans to ensure safety and comfortable temperatures for all. We use the highest-quality screws and tools to make the fan sit stable up there on the ceiling. We also install all the fans and wiring neatly, leaving minimal dangling wires. Aside from proper installation, we also take note of the aesthetic results.

Lighting installation

Decades ago a simple twist and turn was enough to install a light. But now times have changed. You have to think about wiring, electrical safety, insulation and strategic placement of the modern lights now available.

We install recessed, pendant, outdoor and other types of lights. We also set up the accompanying fittings, wiring and insulating materials to ensure optimal function and safety.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor lighting, call us here at Local Ontime Electrician (02 9709 4744) if you want to ensure rapid and safe installation of your lighting fixtures.

Routine & scheduled electrical safety inspection

The best way to prevent electrical issues is with regular safety inspections. You can request an appointment with Ontime Local Plumber that works according to your availability.

After an electrician arrives they use specialised tools to diagnose and troubleshoot any possible failure points in the electrical system. They check for faulty wiring, possible overloading, burnt outlets and other potential issues that might interrupt your home living or business operations.

Cabling and wiring for telephone

We also install the required wiring and telephone cabling for offices and other commercial sites. We prioritise reliability and 100% uptime because w know that any interruption means loss of income and loss of long-term, high-value customers.

Our professional electricians install multi-line phone systems to allow business owners, managers and staff to continuously get in touch with customers. This could result in higher productivity and more sales in the long run.

Local electrician Lane Cove

Here at Local Ontime Electrician, our highly qualified electrician, Lane Cove is ready to handle your assignment no matter what time of day or night you call. We arrive on site rapidly and we offer affordable and transparent pricing.

Call us today at 02 9199 2606 and tell us your electrical issue. We’ll arrange an inspection and fix the problem rapidly.


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