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Easy access and exclusive living could define this beautiful suburb. However, the serenity changes rapidly if there’s an electrical problem present in the homes or the workplace.

That’s why here at Local Ontime Electrician we investigate the case and rapidly repair any electrical issue. We also do a proactive electrical safety inspection at your request to ensure 24/7 reliability of your electrical system. Call us today at 02 9709 4744 if you require a prompt electrical service.

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Residential & Commercial Electricians

Singles, professionals and families with kids living in Artarmon require 24/7 electrical reliability to continuously enjoy their time at home without interruption. Whether they live in a luxury penthouse or in a block of flats, everyone values reliability especially when it comes to electricity.

Here’s how Ontime Local Electrician take action on that:

  • Prompt arrival on the client’s site (whether it’s a convenient appointment or emergency callout).
  • Proper & advanced diagnostics and electrical troubleshooting.
  • Rigorous testing after the repair.
  • Additional inspection to ensure reliability and safety.
  • Updating of old electrical wiring and other components to adhere with latest standards.

Whether it’s a simple electrical repair or a complete rewiring of a residential property, we always conform to the highest quality standards to ensure reliability and longevity.

Complete Artarmon electrical services

For homes and business we perform the following:

  • Repair wiring, fittings and outlets.
  • Replacing all electrical components (especially if outdated or compromised).
  • Switchboard upgrade (especially for businesses with rising energy demands).
  • Safety inspection to ensure reliability & eliminate hazards.
  • Install new outlets & wiring for new homes, rooms, additions and offices.

Moreover, we also do the following “miscellaneous” electrical jobs (after all, these also require significant electrical expertise):

  • Installing exhaust fans in bathrooms & kitchens.
  • Replacing busted lights.
  • Installing new lighting, fitting and wiring.
  • Installing new electrical appliances & setting up the dedicated outlets and wiring.
  • Inspecting smoke alarms & electrical safety devices.

Exhaust fans need to be working perfectly to promote air circulation and proper ventilation. Otherwise, mould growth and stagnant air will result. This is a priority in many homes, apartment units and commercial facilities.

Proper lighting also plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort in the home or work place. Lighting is used to create a unique ambience and vibe within kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. Many restaurants, eateries, cafes and entertainment venues also use lighting to achieve a dramatic effect.

Here at Local Ontime Electrician our licensed electricians install lighting and exhaust fans with a focus on safety and reliability. We ensure all the necessary wiring is seated properly for efficiency and safety. We also make sure the end result is aesthetically pleasing.

Artarmon commercial electricians

We service the following facilities:

  • Business offices.
  • Restaurants, eateries & cafes.
  • Shopping & entertainment centres.
  • Schools & churches.
  • Groceries.

We understand our clients require 100% electrical reliability 24/7 so they can continue their operations and service their customers. Commercial facilities need to make sure all their electrical components are working perfectly especially during the peak hours.

Aside from the electrical wiring and components, we also set up telephone and cabling for offices and other commercial facilities. We also prioritise performance and reliability so businesses can get in touch with their customers, vendors, partners and suppliers as easily as possible.

Many business managers and owners also contact us here for a routine electrical inspection. We use modern equipment to perform advanced diagnostics and analyse potential failure points. This is the proactive approach in preventing electrical failure and eliminating electrical and fire hazards for home residents and commercial patrons.

Why choose Local Ontime Electrician?

We highly encourage you to let the best do the job if you want to ensure safety and reliability. That’s why our licensed electricians continuously undergo training and use the highest-quality tools and components. This ensures professionalism and courtesy in everything we do.

Aside from that, we also stand out among competitors because of the following:

  • Upfront & affordable pricing.
  • Easy payment options.
  • On time service for appointments & emergency call outs.
  • Excellent customer service before, during & after the job.
  • Friendly & expert electricians ready for deployment 24/7.
  • Written quotes & guarantees.

Competitors might promise unbelievably low prices to get customers. But after the job you get surprise billing and additional expenses. Yes, it’s not what you agreed upon in the first place.

Here at Local Ontime Electrician we provide written quotes and guarantees. We also offer upfront and affordable pricing no matter how small or big the job is whether it’s an emergency or a convenient appointment.

We’re able to charge affordable pricing because of our efficient operations. We also price by the job (and not by the hour). This way we can focus on generating an excellent result within reasonable time.

Whether it’s a simple replacement of an outlet or a total house rewiring, we rapidly arrive on-site and finish the job properly. We’ve already handled hundreds of jobs ranging from simple outlet repairs to a full electrical installation in residential properties and commercial facilities.

Local Artarmon Electrician you can rely on

Whether it’s the weekend or middle of the night, you can rely on us for your electrical repair and installation requirements. We understand that many electrical problems pose safety and fire hazards to the occupants and nearby establishments, so we get to each job site very rapidly.

Whenever you call us, we always have a team of electricians ready to be deployed. Most electrical issues occur during the most unexpected and inconvenient of hours. We’ll be there even if it’s 4am or Sunday evening.

Contact us today and we’ll be ready to do the following:

  • Simple & quick electrical repairs (e.g. exposed wiring, burnt outlets).
  • Repair & replace faulty wiring.
  • Replace lighting & repair flickering lights.
  • Install ceiling-mounted fans and exhaust fans.
  • Troubleshoot your switchboards and analyse cause of failure.
  • Safety inspection & advanced troubleshooting to ensure reliability.
  • Complete rewiring for residential areas and business offices.
  • Full home electrical installations.

We handle all types of electrical jobs no matter the scope and complexity. Call us today at 02 9709 4744 if you require a professional, prompt and affordable electrical service from experienced licensed electricians.


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