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St Marys contains many commercial establishments along Queen Street.

All these businesses and stores need reliable electrical connections. This is crucial for most businesses because of the risk of disruption to their operations if there’s an electrical failure due to faulty wiring is serious.

In addition, fire hazards can become present if faulty wiring is present or an overloaded fuse is left to its own devices for too long. These hazards must be addressed early on to prevent danger to residents as well as costly repairs and replacements later on.

Thankfully, Ontime Local Electrician can help with all that. Our professional and courteous electricians in St Marys prevent any electrical problems and fix any current problems if needed.


Commercial Electrician St Marys

We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services. These include:

  • Circuit breaker repairs.
  • Electrical upgrades, repairs and replacements.
  • New installations of electrical components.
  • Lighting fixture installation and replacement.
  • Exhaust fan installation.
  • Data cabling and wiring.

Our complete services ensure that one call is all that’s needed for all your electrical needs. Local Ontime Electrician is a one-stop shop for electrical installations, repairs, upgrades and replacements.

Our professional and courteous commercial electricians prioritise safety and convenience above all else. We guarantee minimal disruptions during our work. This way, you can still proceed with your business and other activities.

Our safety-focused technicians pay attention to detail to ensure their own safety every step of the way. They also ensure the safety of the end users including customers of your business. Your property and adjacent areas remain safe because any fire and safety hazards are handled efficiently.

Many businesses call us at 02 9709 4744 for all their electrical needs. We arrive on time and address each electrical issue rapidly.

House Electrician in St Marys

Aside from commercial establishments, we perform house electrical jobs as well.

Our experienced house electricians have already encountered every electrical problem imaginable. From small outlet repairs up to complete wiring of a house, we’ve already done it all.

Over the years, we’ve serviced thousands of individuals, families and property investors. They became our satisfied customers and continue to rely on us whenever they need electrical work done.

No matter the size of the job, we take care of it all. Our services include:

  • Complete electrical wiring installations for new home construction.
  • Complete rewiring for major house renovations.
  • Complete installations of outlets and other electrical components.
  • Setup of exhaust fans for improved air ventilation.
  • Installation of kitchen appliances to prevent overloading.
  • Lighting fixture installation, replacement and repair.
  • Upgrade of circuit breakers and electrical connections in old homes.

If your home here at St Marys was built between 30 and 40 years ago we recommend that you replace your outdated wires and electrical connections for improved safety and efficiency.

If you just moved to a new house or apartment that’s built decades ago, it’s also good to perform inspections and replace the outdated electrical as soon as possible.

For both new home constructions or house renovations, new electrical connections and possibly an upgrade to your breakers and switchboards might be needed. Our experienced electricians can take care of that while also acting in the best interests of your home.

Lighting Services in St Marys

For every home, apartment and commercial establishment, quality lighting really does make a difference. If an area is properly lit, the features of its location become enhanced and more noticeable.

It’s also notable that in commercial establishments quality lighting can boost productivity. This is true for offices, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses.

At Ontime Local Electrician, we install lighting fixtures. Our expert technicians provide quality lighting solutions for both businesses and residences. We set up both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

We also install the necessary electrical connections so your lights will work properly day or night. Our expertise both in lighting and electrical systems make us the best choice when it comes to your lighting needs.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Local Ontime Electrician perform safety inspections as well. We inspect your:

  • Breaker switches.
  • Wall outlets and switches.
  • Grounding systems.
  • Surge protection.
  • Outdoor lighting and electrical systems.
  • Electrical panels.
  • Electrocution hazards.

We carefully and diligently check all your electrical connections before removing any fire and safety hazards.

These safety inspections are essential in ensuring all your appliances and electrical systems are functioning perfectly. If there’s a failure somewhere this can disrupt your electrical flow and lead to inefficiency or even complete power failure.

Our electricians can thoroughly investigate before recommending the best course of action in every home or business. We also take care of emergency repairs and provide long-term solutions for common electrical issues.

Competitive Rates, Professional Services

Ontime Local Electrician offer top-quality services at affordable rates. That’s one of the many reasons St Marys residents and businesses call us for all their electrical needs.

Our efficient and rapid services allow us to provide affordable pricing to each home or business we service. We beat all the competitors when it comes to pricing.

The best part is that you receive top-notch service. We guarantee our safety-oriented and highly-trained technicians will deliver high-quality results each and every time.

Contact us now for emergency electrical service

Our staff and electricians respond rapidly in emergency situations. We understand that in these cases urgent attention is needed because safety is at stake.

For non-emergency situations, we also respond rapidly. We set convenient appointments that work according to your availability.

Contact us now via telephone or send an enquiry online. Our courteous staff respond within minutes and our expert electricians will rapidly solve any electrical issue you might have.


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