Electrician Pendle Hill

Whenever there’s an electrical issue, people in Pendle Hill and the surrounds immediately phone us
here at On Time Local Electrician 1300 215 728. It’s true that Pendle Hill is in the middle of
everything (reasonably near the Parramatta and Sydney CBD). It’s also true here that our team is
always nearby and ready to deploy an electrician right away.

Electrician Pendle Hill 24/7

Whether you just came home from work, a park (Civic Park, Binalong Park) or a shopping centre
near the Pendle Hill railway station, it’s just ideal to finally have it all smooth and predictable. But
your day or evening can easily get ruined by an electrical spark, a flickering light, a tripping breaker
or any other electrical issue.

We can send an electrician right away no matter what time you call. Whether it’s a convenient
appointment or an emergency call out, our pricing is always upfront and the results are excellent
and predictable.

We’re always fast, responsive and safety-oriented when it comes to the following:
● Emergency repair of electrical wires, fittings, outlets, switchboards and more
● Electrical safety inspections especially a day before an important gathering (don’t let the
electrical issue ruin the event)
● Partial and full house rewiring (we do this carefully whether it’s an old or new home)
● Power upgrades for your rising energy requirements
● Secure and neat mounting of TVs
● Proper data cabling, telephone and networking
● Installing additional outlets, wires and fittings for home additions and renovations
● Full electrical installations for new home and building constructions

After the job we always leave each site clean and tidy. We respect each property and make sure that
we’re always careful especially when we’re inside a customer’s home.

Pendle Hill Level 2 Electrician

Aside from the usual electrical repairs and installations, customers also choose us when it comes to
sensitive and major electrical works such as:

● Installing new overhead and underground service lines (including connecting homes and
businesses to power networks)
● Power upgrades from a single-phase system to a three-phase system especially if you’re
experiencing unexpected shut-offs and overload
● Safe and convenient temporary service lines, power poles and boards for special events and
building sites
● Metering installation and configuration for accurate monitoring of energy usage
● Prompt repair of damaged power cables
● Safe and proper power disconnection before demolishing a building
● Repair and installation of power poles, pillars and brackets

We’ve been certified by the NSW Department of Energy to work on the grid and power poles. We
also stick to the timeline and budget and make sure each installation is according to the latest
industry, safety and performance standards.

Phone us now at 1300 215 728 if you always value professionalism and a straightforward way of
performing a job. The On Time Local Electrician is always here to answer your call and act right


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