Electrician Five Dock

Is there faulty wiring, weird electrical buzzing sounds or electrical sparks in your home or building? Phone us now at 1300 215 728 and we’ll quickly solve the electrical problem and ensure electrical safety in the premises.

Electrician Five Dock 24/7

The Local Ontime Electrician is always fast, efficient and safety-oriented whenever it’s about the following:

  • Repairing switchboards, wires, outlets, fittings and other electrical fixtures
  • Upgrading the switchboard and the structure’s entire electrical system for better safety and to meet your rising energy requirements
  • Comprehensive electrical rewiring
  • Electrical safety inspection (we’ll inspect the switchboard, all outlets and electrical wiring, lighting fixtures and switches and smoke alarms and other electrical devices)
  • Neat and secure mounting of the TV
  • Installing additional wires, outlets and more for home additions and renovations
  • Installing both indoor and outdoor lighting (and exhaust fans and ceiling fans) and the necessary wires and fittings
  • Installing exhaust fans for better ventilation
  • Installing appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and water heaters (and also setting up additional dedicated outlets and wiring if necessary)

Those tasks require expertise because of the dangerous and hazardous nature of the job. After all, a small spark can start a fire or a faulty electrical connection can cause someone’s electrocution. We won’t let that happen if you phone us right away.

Level 2 electrician Five Dock

Aside from the usual electrical repairs, installations and safety inspections, we also carry out the following tasks and projects:

  • Repairing of live and damaged wiring
  • Meter install and configuration (ensure accurate usage monitoring)
  • Installation and maintenance of overhead and underground service lines
  • Energising installations
  • Disconnection and reconnection to the network
  • Temporary power solutions for building sites and special events
  • Repairs and upgrades of power poles and cables

Commercial and industrial customers and those from government agencies and institutions always choose us because of our experience handling large projects and our updated authorisations and expertise. In each project we always ensure electrical safety and function to minimise or prevent electrical downtime.

Phone us now at 1300 215 728 whether it’s about an urgent electrical repair, comprehensive rewiring, full electrical installation. The Local Ontime Electrician will be there right away (our service area includes locations at or near Barnwell Park Golf Club, Queens Rd, Timbrell Park, Murralong Ave, Barnstaple Rd, James St, McKinnon Ave and Halliday Park).


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