Electrician Breakfast Point

Breakfast Point is a site for major developments due to the repurpose of the Mortlake Gas Works of the Australian Gaslight Company. The development is expected to attract more residential and commercial opportunities as work is completed.

Breakfast Point is just 16 kilometres West of the Sydney central business district. Considering the waterfront features of the suburb it’s no wonder why the suburb is so affluent. Breakfast Point still offers something for everyone, with small cafes and restaurants dotting the suburb.

Electrician Breakfast Point 24/7

Whether it’s faulty wiring, a burnt outlet, flickering light or a tripping switchboard, nothing good will come out of a faulty electrical situation. The only thing to do is to get it fixed right away.

Our approach here at Local Ontime Electrician is to be accessible no matter what time you call and no matter where you are in Breakfast Point. We will always arrive rapidly and fix the problem on the spot. We understand the huge inconvenience that homes and businesses face during an electrical emergency which is why we always have personnel ready for deployment anytime you call.

Our residential and commercial electrical expertise includes the following:

  • Repairing power points, light fittings, wiring connections and other electrical fixtures.
  • Installing switchboards, circuit breakers, wires and power points in new or renovated structures (e.g. home additions, kitchen remodelling).
  • Rewiring of homes, apartments and commercial premises (partial or full rewiring).
  • Installing additional power points for new appliances (especially for heavy duty appliances such as water heaters and refrigerators).
  • Installing plasma/LED TV (secure mounting and neat installation).
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking.
  • Installing indoor and outdoor lighting, exhaust fans and kitchen and bathroom appliances (we follow manufacturer’s instructions to the letter).
  • Inspecting all electrical fixtures.

Level 2 electrician Breakfast Point

We also take a prompt and professional approach when it comes to handling Level 2 electrical work including the following:

  • Handling of live and damaged wiring.
  • Meter install and configuration.
  • Installation of overhead/underground services (including the power poles).
  • Connection or disconnection to or from the power network.
  • Energising installations.
  • Temporary power service.
  • Connecting new service lines.
  • 24/7 electrical service (restore your systems back to normal).

All of these tasks require specialised skills, which is why individual clients and contractors prefer our team to handle the aforementioned projects.

Contact us here today at Local Ontime Electrician we’ll ensure prompt and cost-effective completion of Level 2 electrical work. We also do rapid emergency electrical repairs and full electrical installations at honest pricing.


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