Electrician Bondi Junction

For electrical repairs phone us now at 1300 215 728 and we’ll do it promptly and safely. Here at On Time Local Electrician expect us to be highly responsive and action-oriented. We respect each premise and ensure the safety and performance of the electrical system.

Electrician Bondi Junction 24/7

Anytime of the day or night you can count on us when it comes to the following:

  • Emergency electrical repairs (including flickering lights, electrical sparks and other concerns)
  • Installing power points, switchboards, wires, light fittings, breakers and other necessary electrical fixtures (whether for new construction, renovation or home addition)
  • Full or partial rewiring of the entire house or building or just the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or dining area
  • Installing high-power appliances according to manufacturer specifications (we also install additional outlets and other necessary fixtures to accommodate these appliances)
  • Secure mounting of TV and ensuring wires are concealed and neat
  • Installing the ceiling fan or exhaust fan (and install the necessary wiring and fittings as well)
  • Inspecting everything electrical to get rid of hazards and ensure reliability
  • Telephone, data cabling and networking (ensure reliable communication lines especially for shops, restaurants, cafes and other businesses)

Residential and commercial customers benefit from our experience and commitment to safety. Rest assured that everything will be done according to the highest standards whether it’s just a replacement of a single lighting or installing the full electrical system of a dwelling or an entire building.

Level 2 electrician Bondi Junction

We also have the capabilities to handle the following tasks and projects:

  • Installing new overhead and underground service lines and energising the installations
  • Maintaining and repairing service lines
  • Connecting residential and commercial properties to the power network
  • Installing and configuring the meter
  • Disconnecting structures from the power network before demolition
  • Installing temporary service lines to building sites and special events
  • Repairing damaged power lines, poles, brackets and pillars

You’ll benefit from our experience in handling major projects and our commitment to the latest safety and industry standards. You’ll also benefit from our smooth approach to work and attention to detail whether it’s a single installation or end-to-end installation of an entire building or community.

Phone us now at 1300 215 728 for all your electrical requirements. Our service area includes residential, strata and commercial premises near the St James Reserve, Clementson Park, Fingleton Reserve, Waverley Park, Waverley College, Ruthven St, Keiran St, Allens Parade and Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre.


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