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Right away we’ll send an electrician to your home or business if you phone us now at 1300 215 728. Here at On Time Local Electrician we’ll be fast to complete the job and make sure everything’s done according to the highest safety and industry standards.

Electrician Bass Hill 24/7

Any electrical issue is an emergency which is why our team is always quick to act. Even if it’s just a flickering light, an electrical spark when you plug an appliance or a burning electrical smell it could be a sign of something serious. For your peace of mind let us do the inspection and necessary repair.

We service the entire Bass Hill including areas at or near Johnston Rd, Miller Rd, Balden Ave, Buist St, Chester Hill Rd, Quentin St, Thornton Ave and Broad St. Our professional electrical services include the following:

● Repair, replacement and installation of outlets, wiring, fittings, switchboards and other necessary fixtures
● Partial or full rewiring of an entire home or structure (includes the kitchen, bathroom, entertainment area and more)
● Power upgrades to meet your rising energy requirements
● Installing all outdoor or indoor lighting and the necessary wiring
● Installing kitchen appliances according to manufacturer instructions (we also install additional outlets and wires or upgrade your electrical system if necessary)
● Clean mounting of the TV for a pleasurable viewing experience
● Installing exhaust fans, ceiling fans plus the necessary outlets and wires
● Telephone, data cabling and networking
● Electrical safety inspection especially before a crucial event or meeting (including inspection of the smoke alarms)

Level 2 electrician Bass Hill

Developers and contractors also choose us when it comes to major electrical installations involving power poles, meters and service lines:

● Installation, maintenance and repair of power poles and overhead/underground service lines
● Installation and configuration of electric meters for accurate monitoring of energy usage
● Connecting a residential or commercial structure to the power network
● Repairing damaged power lines and restoring the insulation
● Properly disconnecting a property from the power network (e.g. before demolitions)
● Repairing, installing and upgrading power poles, brackets and pillars

We do each job according to the highest industry standards to ensure the quality and integrity of installation. We plan carefully to make sure everything will be done right and everyone will remain safe.

Phone us now at 1300 215 728 if you value professionalism, certainty and integrity. Here at On Time Local Electrician we take it all seriously because electrical systems are dangerous and sensitive. Contact us today if you want to make sure everything will be done right and on time.


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