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Here in Balmain there’s an interesting mix of city proximity and village lifestyle. Speed and convenience also defines the suburb because it’s easy to get to the City by taking a bus or ferry. With Rozelle markets located nearby, awesome water views, brunch centres on Darling Street, wide peninsula and beautiful parks and reserves, it’s hard to beat Balmain living.

It’s the ideal place to live for many working professionals who want quick access to the CBD while still enjoying an idyllic home living experience and the perfect escape after a long day of busy work.


Electrician Balmain 24/7

It’s really hard to focus on work, relaxation or leisure if there’s an electrical issue in the home or work space. Flickering lights and unprompted electrical sparks can really bother you and reduce the efficiency of the working home. It becomes impossible to do most home and business activities if there’s an electrical shutdown due to overloading or faulty connections.

Here at Local Ontime Electrician we’ll be quick to pinpoint the location of faulty connections and the cause of overloading. Our qualified and insured electricians do the following:

  • Repair of switchboards, faulty wires, power points and other electrical fixtures.
  • Full or partial rewiring of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entire home, strata or commercial building.
  • Switchboard upgrade to better accommodate higher energy demand.
  • Installation of additional power points, wiring and light fittings (e.g. for home additions and renovations).
  • Lighting installation (including indoor, outdoor, essential and decorative lighting and the light fittings).
  • Safe and proper installation of heavy-duty kitchen and bathroom appliances (according to manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Plasma/LCD TV setup (secure mounting and neat installation for optimal viewing experience).
  • Exhaust fan and ceiling fan installation.
  • Telephone and data cabling and networking (reliable connectivity for businesses and home offices).
  • Electrical safety inspections including routine maintenance (prevent fire hazards and overloading).

Level 2 electrical Balmain

Our team also handles more complex electrical work including the following:

  • Connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting residential and commercial premises to the power network.
  • Connecting new service lines.
  • Managing the installation of overhead service lines.
  • Installing and configuring the meter.
  • Providing temporary power solutions for building sites and special events.
  • Repairing and insulating damaged power cables (damages might be due to storms, UV rays or physical degradation).
  • Repairing, upgrading or installing power poles including the pillars and brackets.
  • Restoring electrical systems to normal (24/7 electrical service).

Whether it’s a complex electrical work, like connecting properties to the power network, or a small electrical job, for example, replacing a burnt power point, expect our team to complete the assignment professionally, courteously and safely. With our affordable and transparent pricing, written quotes and guarantees, many Balmain residents and business owners choose us for all their electrical-related requests.

Contact us today if you require a professional and courteous electrical service. Local Ontime Electrician always focuses on safety and energy performance during each project.


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