Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances

A few decades ago, installing kitchen and bathroom appliances was only a matter of plugging them in. Not so anymore because many appliances now need to be connected to gas or water networks.

Appliances in the kitchen and bathroom usually have high electrical demands and varying factory specifications. Plugging them without fully understanding the installation process might cause the appliances to malfunction or worse; compromise your electrical network and cause an electrical fire.

To ensure safety and proper installation of heavy-duty appliances, many Sydney homeowners and residents ask Local Ontime Electrician to provide assistance. Whether it’s for a new installations or remodelled kitchens or bathrooms, we install of your household electric appliances properly. We can properly install the required power point outlets and connect your appliances to gas and water networks.

Electrical & appliance installation expertise

Electrical fires and malfunctions may occur in one or two ways: Either the Appliance was not installed properly or your electrical network is unable to handle the energy demand. Both scenarios can occur in either new installations or existing rigs.

To prevent the aforementioned scenarios, the Local Ontime Electrician checks the appliances’ requirements and your current electrical network. If the requirements exceed your system’s capacity, upgrades might be necessary in your wiring, switchboard and other electrical components.

Even if you’re just replacing an old refrigerator or washer, the new requirements and specifications might not match what your current electrical system can produce. Also, after the construction or renovation of your kitchen and bathroom, you have to make sure that there are no faulty electrical connections before installing or plugging in your appliances.

Ontime Local Electrician takes care of that. We ensure that all electrical connections are up to date and up to code. We also install your appliances carefully to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. After the job, you’ll be sure that you can operate your appliance without a worry about malfunctions and fire hazards.

Why choose Local Ontime Electrician

Our electricians have a strong commitment to safety in everything they do. Whether it’s setting up a freezer, refrigerator, cook top, wall oven or water heater, our team observes all safety precautions before proceeding with the work. In addition, we also perform advanced testing after the installations to ensure optimised function of all your appliances.

Our professional service doesn’t stop there. Our team is always ready to answer your questions regarding the installations (excellent “after-sale” service). Aside from that, we also provide affordable and transparent quotes so there will no surprises as the job is completed. We define the scope of work and how much you’ll pay before we commence.

If this sounds good, you can contact us today for all your enquiries about safe installation of your kitchen and bathroom appliances. We’re available after-hours and offer prompt 24/7 services.


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